Reflexology Massage Slippers

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When your feet feel good, your whole body feels good !


Use your measurements & the chart below to determine your shoe size.

Unisex Size Charts :

S38~395~65.5~6.523 ~ 24.5 cm
M40~416~77~824.6 ~ 26 cm
L42~437.5~8.58.5~9.526.1 ~ 27 cm
XL44~459~1010~1127.1 ~ 29 cm

For adult use only.  CAUTION: Any individual who may be pregnant, has a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes, phlebitis and/or thrombosis, is at an increased risk of developing blood clots, or who has pins/screws/artificial joints or other medical devices implanted in his/her body should consult with a physician before using a massaging device designed for home use.

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$ 24.95

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When your feet feel good, your whole body feels good.  Relaxso Massage Orthotic Slippers with Acupressure Knobs that will turn your day around. It’ll take the tension out of your toes, satisfy your soles and make your whole body feel good. By using the acupressure points, it improve the positive blood flow and relieving muscle tension in your feet. It’ll also do wonders for your mood.

Foot reflexology is based on the premise that our nerve zones or reflex points go from the bottom of our feet to the top of our head, encompassing all vital organs on the way. That’s because a really good foot reflexology will help: - Promote relaxation - Improve circulation and metabolism - Eliminate tension and fatigue - Alleviate muscle pain.

These massage slippers with velcro adjustable closure strap are made with anti-microbial materials to eliminate foot odor. Available in comfortable Fixed Knobs or Rotate Knobs for 82 Acupressure points. Refresh your life everyday !

Feature :

• Acupressure springs knobs with multi massage that invigorates the muscles and increase healthy blood circulation

• Ergonomic design will follow your weight and personal walking style/speed to find your best acupuncture points

• Red Magnetic therapy beads applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located in your foot. It strengthen to help relieve tightness and stimulate reflexology zones of feet

• Made by intermixed nano-sliver is aid with antibacterial and deodorization functions

• Provide relief from body pain using the attached reflexology foot chart

• Great for use indoors and outdoors


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  • Asked by Paula Takamori
    on 09/10/2018
    I ordered these an they are WAY too large for my feet, even though I ordered the size that they recommended. You do not indicate they are one-size and I want to return them, but there was no address, no instructions, no nothing inside the package.How do I return? Answer:
    Hello,For any reason you are not satisfied with your order, You have 30 days from the purchase date to return it. All merchandise must be in new and unworn and contain all original packaging.After checking, we found that order is handling by on August 23. You should contact them directly and let see what he can help you about the issue.Thanks for your kind attention.Best regards, RELAXSO Customer Service Department
  • Asked by Deanna Steffy
    on 12/14/2018
    What are the 12 white knobs in the separate bag for? Answer:
    You can replace it for the massage slippers if any lost after usage.
  • Asked by Wayne Powell
    on 04/14/2019
    Can I please purchase some extra pegs for the Reflexology sandals? Answer:
    Yes, you can purchase extra pegs for the Reflexology sandals. Cost is $0.0.2 each. Should there be any question, please feel free to contact us by email to [email protected] immediately.
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