EMS Electrode Foot Massage Pad

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Promote for foot, ankle, Achilles tendon and calf muscle massage, to promote blood circulation and relax the feet.

Feature :

• Harnessed the world's most advanced TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology

• Massage the soles of the feet to relieve the swelling of the feet

• Invigorates the muscles and increase healthy blood circulation

• Strengthening the ankle exercises to reduce ankle injuries

• Stretch the Achilles tendon to prevent the tendon from tearing and adjust the calf muscles and shape the calves

• Adjustable 6 working modes & intensity gradually from level 1 to level 10 for muscle exercise or relief of foot pain

• FDA cleared and prescription free for home use

• USB Cable charging suitable for various smartphone or computer and USB port

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Strength training by EMS Electrode Foot Massage Pad does promote neural and muscular adaptations that are complementary to the well-known effects method of training muscles. It uses mild electronic impulses to stimulate muscles and alleviate pain.

Set of ABS pad with adjustable speed & intensity help soothe the sole and body; sore muscle and stiffness. The control unit easily manage 10 intensity level, and with 2 pre-programmed pulsation patterns will cause a different response from contraction of different fiber types.  The exercise can promote for foot, ankle, Achilles tendon and calf muscle massage, to promote blood circulation and relax the feet.

Utilizes Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology used by physical therapists and medical professionals for more than 20 years. 6 pre-set training programs allow routines workout anytime & anywhere. Each session lasts for 15 minutes and has an automatic shut off. Rate your muscle before and after each session to check your progress. Recommended daily usage is 15 minutes per session.

Strenuous walking or standing for long periods has an obvious effect on your feet. It's also best to use as soon as tired aching feet begins with this simple foot massage pad. It adhere securely to your skin and remove easily after each therapy session.

Specification :

  • Operating Voltage: 5DC 3V
  • Max output amplitude: <2V (R.M.S)
  • Output pulse width: 100μS ± 15%
  • Pulse Frequency: 1 ~ 100HZ
  • Using Mode: 6 pulse modes

Attention : Always turn off your control Device by pressing the OFF button before removing the pads from the skin.  This will prevent unexpected electric impulses.

Warnings :
• Long-term stimulation and use at the same site may cause skin discomfort. Consult a dermatologist if skin discomfort persists
• Do not use the device over twice a day on the same place on your skin
• Discontinue use if you feel pain, itchiness, skin rash, excessive discomfort or imitation is experienced or if sensitivity develops
• Keep out of reach of children

Caution :
Do not use acupuncture pain relief pad if you,
- Have a pacemaker, metal implant, insulin pump or any other implant in the body
- Have cardiac arrhythmia or disorder of the heart's impulse and conduction system
- Have high fever (above 38℃/100℉)- Have seizure disorder, i.e. epilepsy
- Are pregnant or menstruating or anemia
- Have cancer or malignant tumor
- Are suffering from a metabolic arthritis- Have arm or leg skin conditions of :
• Acutely or chronically diseased (injured or irritated) skin
• Hypersensitive skin
• Scars or healing wounds
• Rashes or inflamed skin
• Bruises or swelling
• Hemorrhage following acute trauma or fracture

For adult use only. CAUTION: Any individual who may be pregnant, has a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes, phlebitis and/or thrombosis, is at an increased risk of developing blood clots should consult with a physician before using a massaging device designed for home use.


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