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"Health" means more. Our commitment is to understand the relationship between health and the eco-friendly environment in order to improve the physical health and well-being of mankind.

The founder, Ronald suffered from rheumatoid arthritis before starting his business. He describes himself as a "patient entrepreneur" and attaches with utmost importance to the experiential aspect of life. To achieve this, he has been travelling extensively over Europe and Asia to discover the wisdom of health management from books such as "The Compendium of Materia Medica" and "The Art of War". (No one thinks about the need for medications until his sick.)

Brand RELAXSO is about the pleasure experience of total physical well-being. The team is always looking for new ideas and sourcing therapeutic products that improve health for every stage. Meanwhile, Relaxso works incessantly with Social Enterprises and Fair Trade Cooperative Workers in Far East to make the best good choices at reasonable prices for your goodself.

To ensure a fair return for producers, we are a small, family-run distributor in Smithtown and focus on producing small volumes of premium quality products to consumers which could achieve synergy effects to support your local communities.

We are here to ...


We are really eager to listen to and satisfy your personal needs.


Your voice should be helpful for us to anticipate your needs by sharing your suggestions for better improvement of our product and services.


We specialize in developing innovative and favourable healthy lifestyle products to boost up your spirit for the best performance.


We are consistently launching new products for our customers and share in the seasonal delight.


On behalf of all of RELAXSO team, we wish you, your family and your loved ones safety and health.

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34 East Main Street, #287
Smithtown NY 11787-2804
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