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Protecting the Environment

The world is the source of our health, but it faces destruction. We are actively helping to enrich the biodiversity of our growing ingredients. We take action and exercise to enrich and support threatened areas on Earth that have a prominent natural value.

As a store that brings local and global products to you. By 2020 we promise

• Building biological bridges and protecting habitats and fair trade members to help communities live more sustainable
• Every time you renovate or redesign, you should reduce the environmental footprint of the materials
• Develop and deliver three new sustainable packaging innovations
• Make sure that 60% of our total product packaging is free of fossil fuels
• Reduce energy by 15% using all of our production


Developing the Productive Community

We are working with some non-profit organizations that operate a variety of small businesses for adults with developmental impairments. Through education, training, and the free enterprise system, RELAXSO creates fulfilling employment opportunities to help special-need individuals to lead productive lives, while providing a unique personal care product or health kits.

It is our mission to provide community based employment, vocational training, and comprehensive job related skills and services to people with special needs. We have been developing design programs to work harmoniously with other community resources to maximize opportunities to our clients and our community.