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Relieve pain, anxiety, and other specific problems with this natural type of therapy.

Attention : The pen is a monopole current output, so the other pole current should be conducted by hands and form circumfluence with the nid of the Electronic Acupuncture Pen. so that it will produce electrical pulses. So it is normal to feel a little numbness of the holding hand, it is how the meridian pen works, not quality problem.

For adult use only. CAUTION: Any individual who may be pregnant, has a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes, phlebitis and/or thrombosis, is at an increased risk of developing blood clots should consult with a physician before using a massaging device designed for home use.

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Meridian therapy is a traditional Chinese medical practice that’s based on restoring optimal energy flow throughout the 12 meridians in your body. They can relieve pain, anxiety, and other specific problems with this natural type of therapy.

Relaxso Acupuncture Massaging Pen probe part is based on the principle of single-phase electricity, and must rely on the body's own static electricity to make it a loop. It has 9 adjustable intensity levels and uses acupressure to restore your body to its optimal natural balance.

It can also move surface of human skin to electrical pulses stimulate the skin flexibly, activate the skin tissue, prevent skin to be sagging and aging, promote blood circulation, dredge the meridians the body, relieve muscle pain, and can achieve the firming effect to enhance the result of beauty.

It may be Best Beauty and healthcare Products. This portable device will bring a lot of convenience for us, so that's also call Family Doctor.

Feature :

• Proven method for treatment of pain, especially chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia

• Stimulating the meridian energy points to reflex and treat a specific area or associated organ disease

• Gain benefits of acupuncture therapy with no needles and no pain.  FDA cleared and prescription free for home use

• Comes with 3 unique head - DOME type: Applicable for health care and facial beauty.  NODE type: Applicable for partial body pain.  SPHEROIDAL: Applicable for quickly alleviating pain.

• Adjustable intensity gradually from level 1 to level 9 for your need

• Reduce pain, boost your mood, relax, improve your skin condition to give you the rejuvenated, radiant, youthful look and prevent premature aging

• Compact, portable design to fit in your hand or pocket and can be used discretely anywhere

• Requires 1 "AA" Batteries (Excluded)

Functions of Acupuncture Pen:

1. Health care function: the probe stimulates the skin, you will have a sense of sliding and acupuncture, put the machine to the relevant point, then the feeling will be stronger. A kind of relaxed and comfortable feeling will come to you after you use the machine. The pen electro physiologically stimulate our body, through the network of bio-axis, directly into the body tissues, organs, regulating bio-electric field, activate radicals and the adjustment of biological cells, essentially regulate the body's absorption, conduction, balance, metabolism, immune functions, and health care.

2. Meridian function: the joints plays an important role as crossroads to human body, it is the places where physiological waste like cold, wet, silt, heat, toxic bad things block. That is also the reason why human body easily get arthralgia. When using acupuncture pen in the joints, the physiological waste can be cleaned up, then you can feel fresh and relax.

3. Beauty care: the meridian energy pen can also do the face like face-lift, remove the pouch, dark circles and wrinkle, making an immediate effect to the face.

How To Use:

1. Turn on the device by holding the handle with the tip up and pressing the lower half of the black toggle button. The number 1 should appear on the display and repeat to increase power up to 9.

2. Put a small amount of contact gel on your inside wrist.

3. Starting with the device on a medium low setting, firmly press the tip to the wrist. If you do not feel anything at first, slide the tip around the general area until you feel the pulsing sensation. If you still do not feel anything, click the button to a higher setting.

4. If you feel a stinging sensation it is because there is not a solid connection from the tip to your skin. Use more contact gel to fix the problem.

5. Continue sliding the tip around until you feel a strong pulse. When the pulse is strong it means you have found an acupoint and you are stimulating it. You may hold the Acupuncture Pen directly on the point or gently massage the point.


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