Trigger-Point Spike Massage Roller

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Much like the thumbs of a massage therapist !

Care : Surface spot clean.  do not bleach; Hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry

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Relaxso Trigger-Point Spike Massage Roller is much more effective for those with tough knots or consistently tight muscles. Regular use helps speed recovery time after workouts, improves blood circulation and flexibility, reduces soreness, and helps correct muscle imbalances.

Deeply massages and stretches tight muscles using this convenient shape to reach between tissue. The variation is Ideal for releasing trigger points in commonly painful areas around shoulder blades, hips, back and calves. Recommended by certified yoga instructor, this is a great progression for beginner to intermediate / advanced yoga-loving people.

Foam rolling can be done pre-workout to help warm up muscles, but also after working out to relax and stretch tight areas of your body. It helps reduce soreness as well by circulating blood to get oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles. Hold the roller on tender spots for at least 20 seconds.  A wonderful way to start or end your day!

Feature :

• Eco-friendly EVA medicine Foam provides durable solid support for safe, long term use and dependability

• Textured dotted surface is soft to touch for added comfort and can bear up to 330 lbs / 150 kgs

• Cure trigger points helps to restore flexibility and relieving pain in your back, pecs, lats, glutes, thighs, calves, feet and hip flexors

• Self-myofascial release breaks down knots and improves blood flow for faster muscle recovery

• Perfect for full back coverage massage, lying on vertically for posture correction and chest stretching

• Lightweight build with high performance and conform easily to the shape of your head, neck and spine

• Multiple density zones stretch and massage away muscle tension free at home workout or balance training

• Great tool for yoga, pilates, fitness exercises, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Specially designed raised grid pattern bumps are firm but flexible, much like the thumbs of a massage therapist


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