10 loops Multi-Grip Stretch Strap

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Allow you to deepen your stretch, and achieve optimal body alignment!

Cautions : Customers with any pre-existing medical conditions (i.e. diabetes), or develop during use, should consult a physician prior to use.

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Multi-Grip Stretch Strap give you a progressive stretching as you enhance overall flexibility. With multiple grip options you can move up the strap for a tighter stretch or range of exercise.

No matter any new challenge pose, the unique design with 10 fixed loops allow you to deepen your stretch and moving beyond your usual limits, and achieve optimal body alignment. Use this stretch strap to prevent injury, alleviate tightness and enhance overall flexibility.

Made of soften long-lasting woven nylon, It can prevent injury, and relieve muscle fatigue. You bring it to your yoga class as easy ways to feel more relaxed in your daily life.

Feature :

• Increases the arms, shoulder & leg flexibility,

• Alleviates tightness, strengthen and harmonize muscles

• Broadens range of motion, achieve deeper, & more effective stretches

• Multiple hand-holds along the strap allow for various degrees of stretch

• 10 handing loops that suits both women & men and allow you to choose the right length to fit your fitness

• Multiple grip options to complete the hard-to-reach poses

• Soft and sturdy long-lasting woven nylon material, prevents any injury, don't break easily or deformation

• Lightweight in your yoga mat bag to studio or fitness center

• Perfect for yoga, Pilates, daily exercise, or physical therapy


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