Sleep Slimming Socks

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Firm legs and thighs effortlessly during sleep!

Caution :

Do not use Sleep Slimming Socks if you suffer from any server circulatory disorders or with open wound.

Consult with your physician before using Relaxso Sleep Stocking if you are under treatment for the following conditions: diabetes, deep-vein thrombosis, circulatory disorders, congestive heart failure, inflammatory conditions, and nerve disorders around the leg area.

Make sure to remove wrinkles and sagging of the stocking while wearing. Do not fold the upper-top rubber part. Please wear it straight to the upper edge.

Discontinue use and remove dressing if you feel pain, itchiness, skin rash, excessive discomfort or imitation is experienced or if sensitivity develops.

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Relaxso Decompression Sleeping Socks which has very high denier (very non-see-through) and stage pressured. You wear it for good night’s rest as well as slim down all at the same time ! In the meantime, it will release the pressures and fatigue accumulated during the day. 

Eliminate unwanted bugles and reduce hypodermic puff calf fats. It helps to boost the night blood circulation , remove excess water and release fatigue without disturb your sleep.

Almost everyone experience insomnia or sleeplessness at some point in their lives. This graduated compression structure and ergonomic design help encouraging blood flow from your ankles up you legs, for noticeably slimmer and well-toned legs. The pressure control improves blood circulation and helps refine and contraction of muscles. Your body's natural thermoregulation - paramount for those essentials 8 hours of sleep.

It's in little lavender-purple color makes you love it! Made by breathable fibers relieves tired, aching legs and does not impede sleeping. The open-toe design helps facilitate the easy escape of body heat & help you feel floor to prevent fall. It also can avoid the risk of varicose veins and reduce water retention working the same as support tights. It's special design can match your outfit during sleeping time or at home.

Product Features :

1. Secretly lose inches while you sleep! Firm legs and thighs effortlessly during sleep

2. Powerful high knee slimming socks that stretches all the way from the sole to thighs for a thorough, reduces fatty acid diffusion and complete firming results

3. The multiple stage of pressure control at 21hPa > 16hPa > 11hPa improves blood circulations and helps refine and contraction of muscles.   It provides optimum pressure distribution on different parts of the leg

4. Overnight sleeping socks avoid pressure build up on legs from hours of sitting or standing.  Slims and sculpts your legs while you sleep

5. Soothes tired, aching legs & feet and relieves symptoms of Vericose Veins

Helps aid a restful & natural night’s sleep

- Take a warm bath before bed

- Have a bedtime routine

- Restrict your caffeine & nicotine intake

- Take regular exercise

- Avoid eating large meals before sleeping

Instructions on Use :
Usage Instructions:
1. Holding the stocking rolled up and slide your toes in.
2. Slide it up to the ankle, positioning it correctly into your heel.
3. Pull up and position the mesh part onto your knee. Take care not to twist stocking.
4. Pull the rest of the stocking up to the above knee level.
Hand wash, No Bleach, No Iron. Dry in flat position or Hang to dry.

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