Dream Catcher Mask

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Inside of Mask:

Soft cotton interlock knit fabric is fully breathable and foam padding which cushions the eyes without pressure

Front of Mask:

Snuggle in our warm, sensual, and soft silky plush minks


Store in cool & dry place ; Do not heat in microwave; Hand washable with mild soap and water; Do not use harsh solvents of chemicals or cleaning

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Dream Catcher mask create super positive state let tone down our mind and get rest from stress day time.  In order to fall asleep, gazing up at a gentle night sky becomes mind clearing and allowing you to relax quickly. 

Lying in bed awake - thinking, worrying and consciously processing thoughts.  You're mind is buzzing and active.   Put on the mask, gently raise your eyes seeing sky light and then breathe deeply.  Your thoughts begin slow and your mind becomes clear, fast-forward to ease away your stress, tension, nerves and anxiety. 

Boosting this alpha brain wave is a great way to enjoy the feeling of relaxation and a great way to let go of all worries and tension.  Dream Catcher mask is a revolutionary new idea that builds on ancient wisdom, to retrains your mind by calming active Beta brain waves, and lead to restful sleep.

How to Use :

  • To use, expose the inside of the Dream Catcher underneath a light source for about 2 minuates.  The Sky sign will glow green and then put on the Dream Catcher. 
  • Look at a gentle night sky.  Breathe deeply and evenly. The lines inside the Glo to Sleep Mask will turn blue.   Feel your thoughts slowing and your mind clearing.   Lasts for hours but who cares, you will fall asleep naturally.

Feature :

• Blue lines inside the mask hold your gaze on a soft blue line of glow. Amazingly, The transition from your last conscious thought to sleep seems instantaneous

• Slow your thoughts and help you focus your mind on the process of relaxation and drift into peacefull slumber

• No battery operated electronic devices to promote better sleeping

• Ultimate Breathable blackout lining

• Soft adjustable strap ensures a secure comfortable fit

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