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Lens width: 55mm, height: 37mm, bridge: 18mm

Frame total: 139mm


Rinse the glasses with clean water to remove any dust or dirt particles. Take the microfiber cloth gently rub both sides of each lenses until you can see no smudges.  Breathe on them gently so that you can see any spots you missed in the fog, and wipe them quickly, before it evaporates.

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$ 23.95

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Digital gadgets have become such an obsession. Exclusive for computer screens, BluTech Metal glasses release you from the irritation brought by the blue light glare from display screens.

Relaxso Blue Blocking Technology glasses can cut 90% of the blue light in any environment. It will help to relieving eye fatigue, dry and vision falling by amber tinted lenses.

Ideal focus distances for reading and writing average between 15 to 25 inches from the eyes. All of us are a little different. If your visual acuity point is at 16 inches, you will strain your body forward to focus on work that is more than 17 inches away.

Designed for anyone using an electronic device such as laptop, desktop, TV or smartphone, whatever distance is comfortable is the right distance for you. If no distance is comfortable, then you need Relaxso glasses for this task.

Feature :

• BluTech Lenses block blue light and prevent digital eye strain

• Alleviating visual fatigue and discomfort working on computers and operating smartphones for prolonged periods

• Protects against 99% of harming indoor and outdoor UV light ray

• Ultra light weight and durable for long time usage of reading

• Helping you to relax and fall asleep quickly for a sweet dream

• Include frame carrying case and microfiber cleaning cloth

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