Hip Pelvis Support Belt

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Excellent abdominal support to reduce lower back pain and hip pain !

Instructions on Use :
Do not wear if you suffer from any server circulatory disorders, with open wounds, dermatitis.  Do not wear while sleeping.
Hand wash, No Bleach, No Iron. Dry in flat position or Hang to dry.
Customer who has a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes, phlebitis and/or thrombosis, circulatory disorders, congestive heart failure, inflammatory conditions, with any pre-existing medical conditions, or develop during use, should also consult a physician prior to use. 
Discontinue use and remove wearing if you feel pain, itchiness, skin rash, excessive discomfort or imitation is experienced or if sensitivity develops.

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Effective for low back pain relief, Relaxso Hip Pelvis Support Belt is designed to compress and support the sacroiliac joints, it is not so tight that thereby relieving stress and instability. It offers relief from low back pain and back spasms, along with referred pain in the hip, pelvis or sciatic pain extending down the leg.

Being pregnant is hard work and the additional stress on your body can slow you down. Like maternity support specifically designed to provide the support and comfort you need to keep you healthy, active and comfortable throughout your pregnancy. Belt add compression to and help to stabilize the hips, where ligaments are loose due to pelvic expansion and relaxation.

By providing the correct balance of resistance and resilience, it give to the base of your spine, strength is increased throughout your back. Your chances of lower back pain & hip pain are lessened considerably

Made from breathable lace (90% Polyester 10% Spandex), it will be stretched to fit the natural curves of your body. You can comfortably wear it either under of clothes for the whole day. It ensures an optimal fit on hip up to 38 inches (Medium Size) or 42 inches (Large Size).

Features :

• Highly recommended by physicians as an excellent abdominal support to reduce lower back pain and hip pain

• Gently lifts the abdominal area to lessens spinal pressure. Provides medium-strength support to the uterus and helps reduce the risk of stretch marks

• Ideal support for during-pregnancy and post-pregnancy pelvis posture correction and body slimming purposes

• Helps recover pelvis, effectively helps to compress your postpartum hip

• Relieves pelvic area joint fatigue and muscle soreness during pregnancy

• Promotes proper posture and balance to beautify the shape of hip, while allowing you to continue your active lifestyle

• Adjustable Velcro closure to accommodate every size change throughout pregnancy

• Breathable & comfortable for everyday use and unnoticeable under clothes

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