CPAP Orthopedic Pillow

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Versatile pillow design to fit optimally for sleepers enjoying different sleeping positions: stomach sleepers, side sleeper, and back sleeper and offers ample support for head, neck and spine alignment.

Cautions :
Customers with any pre-existing medical conditions (i.e. diabetes), or develop during use, should consult a physician prior to use for evaluation of obstructive sleep apnea or other respiratory disorders, if his/her snoring is accompanied by any of the following symptoms:

• Frequent excessive daytime sleepiness

• Periods of not breathing, as observed by bed partners

• Awaking short of breath, choking or gagging

• A history of heart disease

• Being substantially overweight

Remove cover and machine wash cold.  Tumble dry on low heat only.

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$ 38.95

$ 42.95

-$ 4.00

Getting enough sleep is important as a critical role in maintaining your good health. Improving sleep means taking charge of your nights and making sleep a priority. Your pillows play an important role in the comfort and support you need to sleep soundly and feel refreshed when you wake up.

Relaxso CPAP Orthopedic Pillow that optimizes CPAP mask efficiency and helps reduce nighttime overheating. It reduces mask pressure and air leaks while maximizing comfort and support. The unique design contours to any facial mask, nasal mask, or tubing to move freely and allow you to breathe easier throughout the night.

Made of Unique 60 density Japanese magic memory foam, pillow hard to cradle your head to alleviate neck & shoulder pain, sores, stiffness and stop numbness & tingling. 2 horns on the higher side of the pillow provides additional support for head and cervical while promoting proper alignment of your spine which will improve sleeping quality with less problems resulting from poor sleep.

The pressure-free mask zones allow you to satisfy various sleepers. It’s a good present to show your care to somebody you love. One Size Fits All - Back Sleepers, Side Sleepers, & Stomach Sleepers will sleep better than ever!

Feature :

• Ergonomic shape reduces snoring and mild sleep apnea for different sleeping postures

• Helps to eliminate sore and stiff neck problems from incorrect sleeping positions

• Made of Japanese magic slow-rebound memory foam creates the best contour pillow design allowing your face and head to rest comfortably whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach

• Maintains the natural curve of the neck with cervical contour to support your neck properly.  Contoured design cradles the head to create optimal breathing alignment

• Wake up refreshed and reduce stiffness

• Antimicrobial breathable 60% polyester and 40% Bamboo fiber cover lets air circulate to keep the pillow cool while you sleep

• Not only for dreaming needs, but also an investment in your future health


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