5 Mar 2017



As today’s life becomes more stressful, meditation is a beneficial way of releasing our tensions & worries.  Take 8 Simple Steps to Heaven that will create an asylum for tranquility within & inner awareness.

Step 1              Sit cross-legged on meditation cushion under your hips

Step 2              Challenge yourself to get into a full lotus position

Step 3              Close your eyes and take a deep breath in the Divine energy

Step 4              As you breathe in and release send out gratitude to all in your life

Step 5              Next breathe in and ask for blessings to all

Step 6              As you breathe in and release focus on the love in your heart

Step 7              Last breath release any negative emotion and stress

Step 8              When you be peaceful mind you can open your eyes.

Why not try the shower of sunlight a 3 minutes meditation that can be used on a daily basis for those of you that may need relief from the stresses and strains of daily living.

Meditation is a superior state of consciousness and therefore cannot be fully understood unless experienced.  An unbelievable experience today with RELAXSO Zafu Meditation Cushion …