Tourmaline Magnetic Relief Ankle Sleeve

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An effective natural remedy for the ankle, and also arch, heel, arthritis or sore area.

Care: Store in cool & dry place ; Do not heat in microwave; Surface spot clean only ; Do not immerse in water or liquid.

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Tourmaline Magnetic Relief Ankle Sleeve works based on magnetic therapy to provide the maximum pain relief special for ankle, and also arch, heel, arthritis or sore area.  It comes with 2 pieces of Bio-North (negative Polarity) with 500 Gauss magnetic power, magnets are strategically placed over the nerves of the neck or sore area offering an effective natural remedy.

With faster healing, it reduce swelling & stiffness with no side effects. Self-releasing far infrared heat provide warming and soothing sensations. No drug involvement, this brace prevents spasm, ideal for high ankle sprains, achilles tendon injuries, foot strains, arthritis pain relief, and degenerative conditions.  It also works on improving blood circulation in and around the spasms or sore muscles.  The increase in blood oxygen level can speed up the natural healing process result in better pain management.

The tourmaline fiber is breathable compressive support materials but design allows unrestricted motion for all activities throughout the day.   One size fits all with easy velcro adjustments.  Started with 20 minutes for safety trial. 45~60 Minutes per day is recommended

Features :

• Self-heating pad not only designed for the ankle, and also arch, heel, arthritis or sore area ... it targets injured cells & detoxifies

• Made up of permanent magnets, the bio-composite heat-chip Moxibustion consists of tourmaline, nano-functional ceramic powder and a special heat sensitive materials

• Dual thermoelectric and piezoelectric effect to improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and clear the meridians results in better immunity

• Forms a resonant magnetic field resonates with the human body

• Applicable to bone hyperplasia, high ankle sprains, achilles tendon injuries, foot strains and other symptoms of hyperthermia therapy

• 100% Latex and Chemical Free, FDA Registered tourmaline neoprene fiber

• Lightweight & breathable, Comfortable to wear with velcro closure, and fasten Tourmaline cloth part directly over sore areas for best effect tourmaline fiber

Instructions on Use :
Do not wear if you suffer from any server circulatory disorders, with open wounds, dermatitis, allergic to Tourmaline fabric.  Tourmaline fabric is designed to use for short periods (no more than 2 to 3 hours).  Do not wear while sleeping.
Consult with your physician before using this sleeve if you are under treatment for the following conditions: diabetes, deep-vein thrombosis, circulatory disorders, congestive heart failure, inflammatory conditions, and nerve disorders around the sore area.

Discontinue use and remove dressing if you feel pain, redness, itchiness, skin rash, excessive discomfort or imitation is experienced or if sensitivity develops

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